Our Promise

Our Sustainability Journey

At Awatea we are proud of our home, our communities, and our environments. We feel lucky to be able to live here.

We are committed to the sustainability journey.

Awatea are Committed to Sustainability

We will care (manaaki) for people (tāngata), our town and conservation projects throughout New Zealand, wherever we can.

  • Financial support through sponsoring projects near and dear to our hearts: We thank all our customers because they make this koha possible.
  • Social support through an active online social media presence.
  • Engagement in community discussions and projects.
  • We shop local wherever possible
  • We respect our multi-cultural society with its proud Māori heritage.

We will adhere to our own carefully planned sustainability policies that will better care (manaaki) for our land (whenua). These include improving our waste management process’s, preventing pollution and being more energy efficient.

  • Use of bulk toiletries and decant them into eco-friendly containers
  • Recycle where possible; glass, plastics recycle used eco-friendly light bulbs, donate our unwanted items to charity
  • Reuse: feed our food scraps to our pigs and chickens, compost our grass clippings, or use them as mulch, use our ash and grey water for our pastures
  • Avoid purchasing wasteful supplies; select produce with minimum packaging and polystyrene or grow our own, we do not purchase plastic throwaways – cups/plates/cutlery.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning agents.
  • Purchase energy efficient items (star rated) appliances
  • We use a front-loading washing machine.
  • We have dual flushing toilets.
  • Our building is double glazed and north-facing
    Install flow restrictors in the shower heads
  • Use hot water cylinder wraps
  • Use the clothes drier for laundry as little as possible
  • Turn off electrical appliances and lights when not in use
  • Use eco-friendly lighting where practical
  • Plant more natives

Our Commitment

Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) developed a New Zealand Tourism Sustainability commitment programme that is not just about the environment but about building a sustainable business and a sustainable tourism industry.

It has three core values:

(I) Kaitiakitanga – the guardianship and protection of our resources (natural, buildings and cultural) for the benefit of current and future generations.

(II) Manaakitanga – showing respect, hospitality, generosity, and care for others.

(III) Whanaungatanga – a relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides people with a sense of belonging.

We have investigated this programme and signed up at www.sustainabletourism.nz

Bed & Breakfast Association New Zealand also has a sustainability commitment developed especially for hosted accommodation providers. It builds on the TIA Tourism sustainability Commitment with ideas targeting hosted accommodation. We are proud members of this association and have committed to their sustainability program.

Our Promise

Tiaki – Care for New Zealand, was created out of a desire to share our connection to our land with our manuhiri (visitors), educating and encouraging them to travel in a respectful, responsible, and sustainable manner.

We support the Tiaki Promise. Tiaki means to care for people and places, and we undertake to act as guardians to protect and preserve our home, for now and future generations.

We invite our guests to do the same when traveling in NZ. Be respectful of our culture te tiriti (The Treaty) and our relationships with te taiao (the natural world). Care for the land, sea, and nature by treading lightly and leaving no trace.

“Remove, and when you can, recycle all your rubbish. All taps in New Zealand have potable water so refill your water bottles. When walking in nature keep to the designated paths and do not destroy or remove the native plants”.

Be inspired www.tiakinewzealand.com.

Work together towards a better future.

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