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Farm Animals at Awatea

Farm Animals

Farm animals are plentiful at Awatea Country B&B. They are tame and love to be fussed over. Take some time to make friends with some of them, introduced to you below.

Two Black and white springer spaniels sitting on pebbles

English Springer Spaniels

Fatbob & Boston, the resident spaniels, love to frolick with newcomers introducing them to the joys of their backyard.  Both just over a year old they never tire of saying hello. Fatbob is the laid-back gentle soul with  the ‘never ending stare’ and Boston the ‘working spaniel’ is pure energy on steroids.

Both spaniels have a never-ending desire to be patted.


Fabian & Earl the old men of the yard have been residents for many years. Fabian is happy to eat nuts out of your hand, Earl not so much, standing a few metres off giving you the evil eye.

This inseparable duo get shorn once per year with their hair going to a local spinner to be knitted into hats and scarves. 


Sisters, Latte and Marmite born quadruplets .  Unable to be fed by their mother they were hand-reared and therefore consider themselves  human which has led to some amusing anecdotes. A demanding pair who  once they see you bleat for a tummy and back scratch. 


Mr Pickles and Lola are Kune-Kune pigs , a breed  first brought to New Zealand by the early Maori explorers. They are an incredibly intelligent animal and with their gentle nature make great pets. Always keen for their daily table scraps  and a scratch behind their ears.


These guys, originally intended for the table, won our hearts and  are  now our resident breeding mob producing  babies every year to delight our guests with their frolicking natures. Unfortunately our policy of not naming animals we’re going to eat have left these guys nameless.


Every year we hand raise a couple of calves so at the moment we have several generations living out their lives on our fertile pastures. Give them a scratch or spoil them with a handful of grain.  


Handfed daily. These flighty birds make a colourful addition to Awatea’s menagerie.


Free range means these birds wander at will, challenging us to find our daily breakfast eggs.


As we increase our plantings of native foliage around the property we are rewarded with more visits from a variety of native birds –  bellbirds, fantails and tui’s . Our ultimate goal would be to attract the majestic native wood pigeon. Our resident  harrier hawk can often be seen cruising the skys above Awatea.

Your Own Farm Animals

If you are travelling with animals and looking for somewhere to spend the night, contact us and if we’ll help if we can.

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